March 13, 2022

One of the most important stages in building a house is to choose which roofing material you should use for your home’s exterior during a roof replacement. It is important to make sure your property has the most outstanding roofing possible because the material and the contractor you will be using will affect your roof’s service life and future need for repairs. Good roofing companies like Germantown Roof Pros can help you calculate all the costs and propose good materials to use. In order to identify the best roofing, it is necessary to examine the qualities of various materials.

roof replacement

There are many kinds of roofing materials for a roof replacement

Let’s start with the most popular roofing selections and work our way up to the more costly choices and evaluate the overall quality of the material. 


Onduline is a popular roofing material as onduline is a cheap and environmentally friendly material. It’s lightweight and adaptable and is also very reasonably priced. 

Metal tile

Metal tile is a highly robust material that has a service life of 50 to 60 years. It is lightweight and fire-resistant. Additionally, it is very easy to add paint and a polymer coating to it.

Soft roofing

Soft roofing is made up of two layers: a bituminous base layer and a crumb top layer that can be painted in various colors. Because this type of material is very plastic, it may be used to cover roofs with intricate designs and patterns. Additionally, this plasticity adds a high level of noise suppression for a roof replacement.  

Plastic tiles

Plastic tiles are comparable to onduline material in terms of price but are less well-known and used due to being easily flammable and has a proclivity to burn its color out in time. Also, depending on the time of the year, the temperature can influence the geometric dimensions leading to cracks and leakages eventually. 

Composite metal tile

This is a fairly expensive roofing material, but it possesses all of the required characteristics for a good quality roof that will stand for many decades. The tiles from this material are waterproof, fire-resistant , and moisture-resistant, making it a competitive choice for a roof replacement.

Natural tile material

Natural bricks have an old classical style. These tiles are made with clay and ceramic coating. Despite the fact that it is  more delicate, it is high quality and provides a timeless look for a roof replacement.

Metal seam roof

Metal seam roofing can be made out of materials such as copper or aluminum. It looks particularly attractive when used in classical style homes. Due to the metal base, these tiles are very customizable in size and shape. They are more expensive and can cost four to six times more than the cheapest option per square meter available, but last much longer.

So, which is best?

Each roof replacement should be selected for each situation independently. Metal tiles are a reliable and reasonably priced solution. Even though it is more expensive, a composite roof will provide you with a superior quality roof that will last for a very long period.

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